Fire S.A.
Comprehensive Fire Protection Specialists
Equipment Suppliers to Fire Protection Services
Fire Rescue Equipment supplied to the Emergency Health and Safety Industry
Rescue Equipment
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Air Compressor
MINIMATE Compressor
Easy Air

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Basket Stretchers
Advantage Plastic Basket Stretcher
Bradco Stretcher System - Plastic Basket Stretcher
Model 71 Basket Stretcher
Traverse - BUGABOO Rescue Litter - Fiberglass/Stainless Steel
Traverse - BUGABOO Rescue Litter - Kevlar/Titanium
Bedding & Blankets
Acrylic-Blend Blanket
Cot Pillow
Fire Blanket
Quilted Nylon Blanket
Sterile Disposable Linen
Wool-Blend Blanket
100% Wool Blanket

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Cardboard Splints
Heavy-Duty Cardboard 12", single
Saver Cardboard Splint
Cervical Collars
Philly Patriot Cervical Collar
Philly One-Piece Cervical Collar
Philly Patriot Pediatric Cerical Collar
Philly Philadelphia Red Cervical Collar
Wizloc Cervical Collar
Chain Saws
Husqvarna 136
Husqvarna 137
Husqvarna 340
Husqvarna 350
Husqvarna 353
Husqvarna 55
Husqvarna 359
Husqvarna 61
Husqvarna 365
Husqvarna 268
Husqvarna 372XP
Husqvarna 281XP
Husqvarna 385XP
Husqvarna 395XP
Husqvarna 3120XP
Command Post
C.P. & MCI ID Flags
Command Post Flag
Deluxe Treatment Area Flag Set
Economy Treatment Area Flag Set
Telescoping Tripod Stand
3-Section Aluminum Flagstaff
Command Sheets / Boards
Accountability Tracker System
Accountability Tracker Board Only
Carrying Case For 24" x 18" Boards w/Printing
Carrying Case For 24" x 18" Boards w/Printing & Maltese Cross
Dashboard Commander
Fireground Sheet Pad
Large Fireground/Hazmat Board
Large Laminated Fireground/Hazmat Sheet
Large Plastic Fireground Command Board
Magnetic Fireground Command Board
Moblie Commander
Rehab Log Sheet Pad (25 Sheets/Pad)
Small Fireground Board
Small EMS Tactical Sheet
Small EMS Tactical Board
Small EMS Folding Tactical Board
Small Fireground/Hazmat Board
Small Fireground/Hazmat Sheet
Small Law Enforcement Worksheet
Small Law Enforcement Board
Magnetic Accessory Kit
School Emergency Command Sheets (pad of 25)
The Commander’s Case
Ferno 93-P PROFlexx
Ferno 93-P PROFlexx with Hard Lower Tray
Ferno 93-ES Squadmate
Ferno 93-EX Squadmate™ Excel
Ferno 93-EXST StatTrac Squadmate Excel
Ferno 35-A Mobil Transporter
Ferno 35-A+ Mobile Transporter Plus
Ferno 35-AST StatTrac Mobile Transporter
Ferno  A+ST StatTrac Mobile Transporter Plus
Ferno 35-ANM Non-Magnetic Mobile Transporter
Ferno 93-ESST StatTrac Squadmate H-Frame Cot
Ferno-Flex Model 28 Roll-In Chair Cot
POWERFlexx Powered Cot
PROFlexX - X-Frame Cot
PROFlexX ST StatTRac X-Frame Cot
StatTrac PROFlexx 93-PST
StatTrac PROFlexx 93-PST with Hard Lower Tray
Cot Accessories
Cot Rain Cover
Cot Lead Handle
Equipment Bracket
Ferno Transfer Board
Ferno Large Body Surface (LBS)
Ferno Oxy-Clip
Fernoflex Oxy–Clip™ Cylinder Holder for Model 28
Ferno X-O2 Oxygen Mounting System
Foot-End Pull-Out Handles
ICS Integrated Charging System
Lockout Kit
Medi-Pac Accessory Pouch
IV Poles
Model 513 IV Pole
Model 513-1 IV Pole
Model 513-4 IV Pole
Model 513-10 IV Pole
Model 513-11 IV Pole
Model 513-13 IV Pole
Model 513-LBS IV Pole
Oxy-Clip2 Oxygen Bottle Holder
Oxy-Clip Cylinder Holder
Oxygen Cylinder Holder
Pac Rac Equipment Table
Patient Shield
POWERFlexx PowerPac
PROFlexx 93-P Safety Bail/Bar Assembly
Side Arm Pouches
Side Arm Cover
Side Lift Handles
35 P Sof-Shelf
39 P Sof-Shelf
Telescoping Cot Handles

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Emergency Stretchers
Combination Stretcher/Body Bag
Ferno Tactical Litter
Ferno Transfer Board
Ferno Model 108-D Disaster Litter
Flexible Stretchers
Flexible Stretcher with Built–in Restraints
Manta Rescue Aid
Model 9 Adjustable Backrest Emergency Stretcher
Model 11 Emergency Stretcher with Wheels
Model 12 Emergency Stretcher
Model 12-C Emergency Breakaway Stretcher
Model 108 Pole Stretcher
Model 108-A Single-Fold Pole Stretcher - 81"
Model 108-A Single-Fold Pole Stretcher - 90"
Model 108-AF Double-Fold Pole Stretcher - 81"
Model 108-F Pole Stretcher
Pole Stretcher Carrying Case 108-A - 81"
Pole Stretcher Carrying Case 108-A - 90"
Pole Stretcher Carrying Case 108-AF - 81"
Pole Stretcher Carrying Case 108-AF - 90"
Premier Stretcher Carrier Hard Wheels
Premier Stretcher Carrier Non-Puncture Pneumatic Wheels
Premier Stretcher Carrier Roleez Wheels
Stretcher Carrying Case
Stretcher/Chair Carrying Case
Electrical Chain Saws
Husqvarna 320 Electric  
Husqvarna 321 Electric
Equipment Carriers
Flambeau Medical Box, Model 1702
Flambeau Medical Box, Model 1872
Flambeau Medical Box, Model 2072
Flambeau Model 2274
Flambeau Trauma Box, Model 2272
Flambeau Trauma Box, Model 2273
Plano 747 Trauma Box
Eye protection glasses

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Fastening Systems
Ferno Stat Trac Cot Fastening System
Model 175 Cot Fastening System
Model 173 Series Cot Fastening System
Model 533 Wheel Cups
Model 534/535 Post Cups
Wall Hooks
Wheel Chair Fastening System
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits & Trauma Kits
First Aid Kits
Office First Aid Kit
Wet-Proof Unitized Kit
25 Person First Aid Kit
50 Person First Aid Kit
100+ Person Industrial First Aid Kit

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Head Immobilizers
HeadHugger­ Head Immobilizer
Kiefer Head Immobilizer
Universal Head Immobilizer
Hurst Jaws of Life
Air Bags
Combo Tools
Power Units
Specialized Products

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FernoTrac Pediatric Traction Splint
Medkids Pediatric Systems
Medkids Pedi-Sleeve
Immobilization and Extrication

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K.E.D. Kendrick Extrication Device
Kit, Bags, Cases & Vests

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MCI Command Kits
EXL-ERATE MS Excel Software
Kit with Ferno MIR Triage Tags, Folding Board
Kit with Ferno MIR Triage Tags and Non-Folding Command Board
Kit with METTAG Triage Tags and Folding Board
Kit with METTAG Triage Tags and Non-Folding Command Board
Kit with EMS Associates Triage Tags and Folding Board
Kit with EMS Associates Triage Tags
School Emergency Response System
MCI Trailer
MCI Trailer

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NAJO Backboards
NAJO Disaster Board
NAJO Lite Board
NAJO Mega 1000
NAJO RediBoard
NAJO RediHold
NAJO RediWide
NAJO Sports Board
NAJO Water Rescue Backboard

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Other Backboards
EXL Scoop Stretcher
Ferno Aluminum Backboards
Millennia Boards
Model 65 Scoop Stretcher
Phenolic Wooden Backboards
Short Aluminum Backboard Kit
Short Spine Board Kit  Complete
Other Stretcher
Half Back Extrication Device
Miller Full Body Splint/Litter
Mule Litter Wheel
SKED Basic Rescue System
Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS)
Other Splints
Ferno Air Splint Kit
Ferno Frack-Care Kit
Finger Splint Kit
Padded-Board Splint
Prosplint Complete Kit
Wire Ladder Splints

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Cirque Shoulder Harness
Kigali 30 Backpack (30 litre)
Kigali 35 Backpack (35 Litre)
Kigali 45 Backpack (45 Litre)
Sith 50 SAR Pack
Traverse Cirque 2 Patrol Fanny Pack
Patient Transport
Pediatric Transport
Baby Pod II
Model 28-IT Incubator Transporter
Model 350-AS: Air Shields Adapter
Model 350-D: Drager Adapter
Model 35-IT Incubator Transporter
Model 93-IT Incubator Transporter
Pedi-Pal Child Transport Seat
Medikids Baby Board
Medkids Pedi- Sleeve
Power Cutters
Husqvarna 371K
Husqvarna 3120K
Husqvarna 375K

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Rescue Equipment
Ankle Restraints
Over-The-Lap Wrist Restraints
Restraint Retractor
430 Series Cot Restraint Straps
Shoulder Harness Cot Restraint
Wrist Restraints, Cot Sidearm
Cot Restraint Straps
Fastrap Quick Restraint System
Restraint Straps
Swivel Speed-Clip Restraints

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Saver Bags
Saver ALS Bag
Saver First Responder Bag
Saver O2 Backpack
Saver O2 Duffel Kit
Saver Trauma O2 Kit
Saver Trauma Responder II Bag
Soft Bags
Airway Management /Oxygen Bag
Emergency Respiratory Care Backpack
Intubation Ultra Mini-Bag
Juno Firefighter Gear Bag
Luno Bag
Luno Plus Bag
Oxygen Carry Bags
Professional ALS Bag
Professional Intravenous Mini-Bag
Professional Intubation Mini-Bag
Professional Medication Mini-Bag
Rucksack with Airway Roll
ACSI Heat Wave III Diesel/AC Water Heater
ACSI Sure Heat 900 Diesel Air Heater
Air Systems Air Heater
Unifold Shelter - 10' Wide
Unifold shelter - 11.5' Wide
Splinting Devices and Equipment
Stair Chairs
Compact III Chair
EZ-Glide Evacuation Stair Chair
EZ Glide Stair Chair Accessories
Ferno Model 40 Stair Chairs
Ferno Model 42/48 Stair Chairs
Ferno Model 44 Rescue Seat
Sirocco Evacuation Chair
Ambulance Bench Cot
AFL 20 One Man Self Loader Stretcher
Scoop/Crab Stretcher

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Trauma Bags
First-In Trauma Bag
Professional Trauma Bag
Professional Trauma Mini-Bag
Thomas Advance Life Support Pack
Thomas Aeromed System
Thomas Emergency Responder Pack
Thomas Medical Support Pack
Trauma  Air Management Bag II
Trauma  Air Management Bag III
Trauma Responder II Bag
Trauma Kits
Airway Management & Resuscitation Kit
ALS Kit with Your Choice of Bag
BLS Kit with Your Choice of Bag
BLS Kit with Plano Trauma Box
Trauma and Airway Management Kit
Traction Splints
FernoTrac Traction Splints
Kendrick Traction Device (KTD)
Sager Traction Splint - Unilateral
Traffic Barricades Kits
Barricade Tape Dispensers and Support
Barricade Tape
Light-Duty Barricade Tape Dispenser
Traffic Cone Barricade Tape Support

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Vacuum Splints
Ferno Vacuum Splints
Full-Body Vacuum Mattress
Responder Vests

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