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LUKAS Rerailing Systems
LUKAS Rerailing Systems

LUKAS places particularly high demands on its products, which is why LUKAS hydraulic equipment undergoes a number of quality tests. It exceeds internationally recognized standards in terms of quality as well as performance. We can therefore offer our customers safety when deciding for LUKAS quality tested products. The LUKAS Quality Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. This management system forms a comprehensive framework of rules for all procedures in our company.

Rescue Equipment
In 1972 LUKAS presented worldwide as first manufacturer a hydraulic rescue cutter for rescue operations. Since that time LUKAS rescue tools have been enjoying an excellent reputation in the field of rescue operation with their unique force-weight ratio and high quality of workmanship. The usage of a special light-metal alloy saves weight and ensures together with the patented star grip an ergonomically and powersaving working.

Hydraulic Tools
Already in 1947 LUKAS started to produce hydraulic lifting cylinders. The usage of light-metal alloy promised a very low weight and huge lifting forces at the same time. By permanent development LUKAS expanded its product range continuously and offers many different solutions today. For example, jacks made of stainless steel are in use in offshore areas and nuclear power plants today. Hand and motor pumps are developed and manufactured at LUKAS also. This ensures a steady high quality level.

Industrial Cutters
Based on the successful rescue tools LUKAS developed cutters for the tough recycling and industrial application. This fortified cutters support our customers in a growing recycling market world-wide. For every special application LUKAS offers the right blade shape. For example round shape for cable recycling, straight blades for fridge recycling or combi blades for switchboard recycling.

Rerailing Equipment
LUKAS manufactured the first hydraulic rerailing equipment in 1961 in close cooperation with German National Railways. LUKAS developed quickly out of this single-acting system a double-acting system for more comfort and safety. Permanent development and a product life-time of more than 20 years make LUKAS the unsurpassed market leader in the field of rerailing world-wide. Only LUKAS offers a safe operation of the complete rerailing process for the user. All hydraulic operational steps can be done from a safe distance at the control desk.
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